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FORTITUDE - Pre-order the Documentary

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FORTITUDE - Pre-order the Documentary

Torsten Hoffmann
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Sparked by humanity’s unquenchable thirst for exploration, fuelled by capitalism’s insatiable hunger for growth and propelled by breath-taking new technologies, a New Space Renaissance is emerging. 

Torsten Hoffman's upcoming documentary FORTITUDE uncovers how a few influential individuals with utopian ideas and vast fortunes are forging a trillion-dollar off-world industry while inspiring millions of us back on Earth. 

This is the story of those who take the risks, invest the capital, and endeavour to turn science fiction into science fact.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF!

Please support the making of the film (we're currently in post-production stage) by pre-ordering FORTITUDE.

You'll also get a "thank you" on-screen credit, we'll update you on our progress and events and, of course, you'll be amongst the first to see the finished film.

WATCH the teaser video here:

Some pictures from the production:

Who is in the film? 

Representatives from NASA, ESA, U.S. State Department, UKSA, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, RocketLab, Voyager Space, Planet Labs, Virgin Galactic, SpaceLogistics, Axiom Space, Spire Global, Privateer, Astroscale, Viasat, Space for Humanity, Interstellar Lab, Eutelsat, OrbitFab, Seraphim Space, Secure World Foundation, Exolaunch, XPrize, AstroAccess, and the White House to name just a few...

Here's a little fun video we made for social media:

If you're interested for more, please support us at a higher price level and take part of an actual mission to the Moon via our partner.

You think that's crazy? Well check out the details


Congratulations, you've crossed the Karman line and reached Low Earth Orbit! Let the 'Overview Effect' kick in as you send in a digital photo which will go all the way to the moon on a microchip - your lasting legacy to the universe.


We're up high now - 35,786km to be exact - hurling through space at 3 km per second to perfectly match Earth's rotation. Out the window you can see the Lifeship mission taking your (or your pet's) DNA to the moon - spreading the instructions for life out to the universe!


“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.” Thanks for becoming one of our special crew members where you will get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus content and access to a one-time-only exclusive filmmaking masterclass with the Fortitude team.


please contact us via the website if you are interested to show the film (or parts) in your university, club, community, company or conference. Maybe Torsten can attend virtually or in-person, too!

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